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Diesel driven oil-free air compressors






Professional design, stronger versatility and economic fuel efficiency

PNS / PTS diesel moving 100% oil-free air compressor - excellent solution

When the power and cooling water systems are missing or unstable, the normal production of the plant will face risks, and the engineering construction can‘t be carried out normally……Diesel driven air-cooled  PNS/PTS series air compressor is designed to solve such problems,No matter high and low pressure, no matter how bad the environment is, PTS / PNS series models can provide you with 100% oil-free high-quality compressed air stably and conveniently to avoid loss and guarantee production.

This series of products can adapt to the worst environment - extreme low temperature / high temperature, windy and dusty sky ; the maintenance is simple and easy to learn, and the excellent stability has been tested by the market for more than 20 years; the advanced technology and careful design enable it to meet various demanding use requirements, including petrochemical, nuclear power, semiconductor and other fields with high safety requirements. There are many models available for this type of machine. You can determine the specific machine model according to the air volume, pressure and occasion you use. Of course, our professional technical team will provide you with professional operation training and periodic equipment inspection. If necessary, we can also provide you with resident engineers.



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